Living a Nomadic Life


July 7th, 2014 // 9th of Tamuz, 5774

Today’s 365 Days of Writing prompt asks “if you could live a nomadic life, would you?”, not realizing that in the last decade alone I have moved five or six times around the state of Michigan.

I am not sure how common this is for someone, even someone in their late teens to twenties, but it certainly doesn’t feel common. Older adults will ask me “Where did you grow up?” and I say that I moved all over Michigan, and while it gives me a lot to talk about it can also complicate a normally easy question. Sometimes, it will even get the cringe worthy reaction of “You seem well adjusted!”

However, it not being the norm does not mean I haven’t contemplated living a nomadic lifestyle. If anything, I know how to survive without a brick-and-mortor “home base”. Technology has made the quality of life better, and it has also allowed me to fit an entire library into my backpack thanks to the e-book; when I was a child, I imagined owning my own library in my house. Now, I don’t need a house to have my own library thanks to the internet and cheap energy.

The only question that remains then is where would I go? With nothing to tie me down, theoretically anywhere. I fantasize about being able to fit my life into a car and traveling with that. When I used to go camping and hiking far more often, my motto was even stricter: only own what you can carry on your back. It has certainly made moving from house to house much simpler.

Ultimately though, I don’t imagine making nomad my job title.
After all, something satisfying about painting the walls of where you live.


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